A very dissatisfied neighbour.

Last weekend, on my birthday to be precise, I had the chance to shoot with the magnificent swedish.felisie. The day looks good, very good weather and my birthday as a bonus. She arrived on time accompanied by her husband who is also her manager. Both were smiling and pleasant, the current and immediately went well between us, I felt that we were going to be able to do a quality job. I showed them the room where she could put her things and get ready. We chose a first outfit together, the lipstick and I let her prepare. I offered them coffee or tea but they both said no, so I went to drink my coffee alone while she finished getting ready.  After a few minutes, she told me that she is ready, so we could start the session.

To be honest before I started the session, I was a little nervous as usual. I had had a busy week and I was very tired. We started the session in the living room, on the sofa, with a beauty dish and the natural light through the window coming from behind her. I showed her an example photo. I took some test photos and I was pretty happy with the result. She was a perfect model, pretty, charming and she had experience. She was posing pretty and she was trying things. I didn’t need to guide her and I could concentrate on my composition and I was already starting to think about the aftermath of the shoot. I asked her husband if he could film a bit, so I could do some reels for you. After different poses and beautiful photos, I thought it was time for a change of mood.

The weather was beautiful, the sky is blue, so I thought it might be interesting to take pictures in the garden. A beautiful young woman, with a beautiful glamorous outfit and a funky hat in the middle of nature. But in the end it wasn’t a very good idea. I first looked to see if there were neighbours in their gardens and that was not the case.I didn’t want to disturb them with the flashes. So we started taking pictures, the setting was magical and the rendering was exceptional. We did different poses, different angles, it was really fabulous. I injured myself while lying in the grass, a fairly large thorn got into my hand. But it didn’t matter, the photos were all excellent. We continued the session and everything was going very well, until we had a visit. When I was going to suggest that we go back inside to continue, a very unhappy neighbour came out of his house, he was really angry. Without unceremoniously, he ordered us in a very dry and cold way despite the magnificent weather to go inside and I immediately saw that we should not answer. We, we executed and we continued the shooting inside. We all three were surprised and didn’t quite understand his reaction.

We continued with new decor, in the bedroom on the bed. Once again swedish.felisie, was perfect, in addition to being very charming, she had a pretty expression. It was a very quiet session, we took our time, we discussed at the same time. We sometimes forget it, but communication is something very important. It allows to put the model at ease and in confidence, which can be felt in the photos. After some very nice photos in the bedroom, we headed to the bathroom.

My idea here was to take some pictures with the mirror reflections. Enter the intimacy of this magnificent woman through the photos. Take pictures when she looks in the mirror, when she does her hair or when she puts on makeup. Once again, a really very good result and there are very beautiful photos. To end the session and for the pleasure of your eyes, we ended the session in the shower. Which revealed a beautiful body,  at the height of intimacy in the shower. With the water flowing over her body, the result was just magical and exceptional. Once again she was perfect, her poses and expression couldn’t have been better.

After our session, I went to buy a pie to give to my neighbour. He was still furious and it was tense, but I understood his reaction a little better.. He had seen another reality of what was really going on and therefore he was shocked. These are things that happen sometimes

In conclusion, it was a very nice meeting and a wonderful session. She is an experienced model, she is very beautiful and charming and works very well. And her husband as well as manager and a perfect assistant, he gives advice and made very nice videos. A very big thank you to you both and I hope that we will work again many times together. I also hope to organize workshops with them, so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.

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