DamLock to find locked photos in lightroom.

Lock file.

The use of the lock option in cameras is very practical. I can think of at least two uses for it. Make a first filter during the photo session by adding a lock to our favorite photos. The second use is to make sure you can’t delete the photo if you make a mistake. However, Lightroom doesn’t offer a way of finding locked photos.

The DamLock solution is a lightroom plugin that does just that. This is the first version and a new one is already under development. New features and enhancements will be added. For the moment, it’s a very simple application, DamLock will search for all locked photos and add a purple color label.

DamLock isn’t free, it’s to support the work done and the future development. Nevertheless, it’s very inexpensive, and you can get it for the measly sum of 2 dollars, not enough to burn a hole in your wallet. You can buy it here, and for it’s launch you can have a 50% discount, which becomes a symbolic $1. To have the discount use the code DAMLOCK42, in reference to the universal response.

To install the plugin, in Lightroom Classic, go to File -> Plug-in Manager:

  • Click Add at the bottom of the left hand list.
  • Navigate to and select the damlock.lrplugin directory and click Add Plug-in.

Once the plugin is installed, select the photos you wish to run it on and then go to Library > Plug-In Extras > Find locked menu. Then let the magic happen, in principle you should see a purple label on the locked files.

In the next version, it will be possible to choose the label’s color, add a keyword, display message if no locked photos found, add an attribute and finally improve performance. An option will also be added to execute the plugin on the open collection.

In conclusion, a little plugin in active development that happens to be very practical. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any ideas for improvements.

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